Keycharms Now Available!

It’s been a busy 2016 so far working with some really wonderful friends and artists on new merchandise for you! Any frequent viewer to my stream should recognize a couple of these designs,... READ MORE


Five-ten-fourteen. That was our decided day. The day after our friend’s wedding, and what a celebration it had been. Photos with people from out of town, laughing, eating and congratulating. And the dancing,... READ MORE

MCM London Expo

May is fast approaching and so are my plans! Normally I spend my birthday at a local event here in North America, but for several years now I’ve wanted to travel abroad, so... READ MORE

Everything is a circle.

“Have you seen the Lion King?” “Of course I’ve seen the Lion King!” One of the most memorable Disney movies that I can recall. It’s as if the scene of Simba dropping into... READ MORE

Keep Moving Forward

At some point in your life, there’s a chance you’ll find yourself spending a different sort of time with someone. Maybe it’s a night, or a weekend. Maybe it’s a little longer; a... READ MORE