Lightning Farron: Final Fantasy XIII

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One of my first from-scratch costumes, Lightning holds a special place in my heart. From the boots to her bag, gloves to armlets, and all 13 belts, this costume had me spending countless hours replicating the fictional character’s design. Even the Guardian Corps. pauldron was later remade with an EL wired clay sculpt.

Now retired, I wish to one day come back and see how much better I can make it again.

Pleather, wire, epoxy, thrift store boots and a lot of patience.

Guardian Corps.

Soo.. let’s start, shall we? I used masking tape and newspaper around my legs before drawing up the shapes I needed for my boots. I drew the smaller in height pieces on one leg, and the taller ones on the other so that when I cut out my shapes they were there in full without any guessing on length.

TIP: find various household items to serve as third, fourth and/or fifth hands because epoxy takes forever to cure.

Time to glue!


As you can see, the $15 boots I picked up from the Salvation Army have been cut down as far as possible while still retaining enough structure to stay comfortably on my feet when worn. I started off by gluing in the tongues of the boots and laying out the rest of the fabric in the mean time.


Waiting game.


Once I deemed the tongue dry enough to continue, I began layering the back of the boots to each other, with wire sandwiched between the tops to curve them inwards towards the front of my shin. Luckily the belts came in handy when I was waiting for everything to set. Assembling everything wasn’t so much taxing as it was patience-testing.


The final pieces were the tongue-colored patch on the back of the heel, and the gray trim around the bottom.


The straps were not 100% complete with hole punches or straps, but they worked to keep everything in place while it dried! The final result was super comfy, and super accurate to the source material I was referencing. Happy!!


Sheena xoxo



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