Tezcatlipoca: Final Fantasy Type 0

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Final Fantasy Type 0’s scythe-wielding student, Sice. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this simple group invitation would evolve into a massive project between tons of friends.


Sice. Number Six, part of Class 0 and the group, Suzaku. When I was invited to this group in 2011, I thought it would be a great challenge. And challenge it was–my only prior prop experience had been with a foam board Blazefire Saber from Final Fantasy XIII. Nonetheless, I approached it from a logical standpoint and made my blueprints. After all, we would be travelling as a group, and as such, a 6′ scythe wasn’t gonna fit as-is.


Bottom blade needs more work before I detail it, but here’s a shot of the larger one mid-construction! The scythe looks massive assembled, as it should heheh.


This was after I burned my finger and accidentally ripped off the blister thinking it was hot glue. Back before I had a heat gun or knew that foam could be manipulated, I enabled brute force to get the results I desired. Looking back, that rounded top was a bitch regardless of how I approached it. Not bad! Coated it in several rounds of Plastidip to keep the foam from soaking up the spray paint.


Few small details and painting left, but at least I’ve managed to secure it well enough to swing. The pole itself is 3 separate lengths, secured with wooden dowels to keep it in place. Threaded dowels would be what I use in the future to remake this. The blades slide into notches cut into the top piece, and are held in with wire twisted around each other, and then hidden beneath the shaft details using velcro.

And this was a fuzzy webcam photo alongside the 6′ finished prop disassambled and packed away for Sakuracon 2013!


Keeping this thing in frame was tricky but sooo worth it.

Sheena xoxo



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