Weiss Schnee: RWBY

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Miorror, Mirror.’ The song I looped for hours on end at work after seeing the White trailer. Having been both a gymnast and a figure skater earlier on in life, I was immediately drawn to Weiss’ pride and grace. But how was I going to get that ombre look.. ?



After seeing the White Trailer for RWBY, I was immediately drawn to Weiss; not only for my love of white haired characters, but for her fighting style. Being a former gymnast and figure skater, I was immediately drawn to her design.




There wasn’t a whole lot to go off of in the beginning, and I wanted to be as true to the original concept design as possible, rather than the show’s 3D model. Being an animator myself, I know sometimes there are design aspects that are sacrificed for the sake of functionality in 3D space, and so I made my choice and started breaking down the patterns.


For the very geometric design of her sigil, I drew up some initial sketches and worked on replicating the points in an even manner. I cut the white against some lightly tacky Heat’n’Bond, which was probably the most time-staking part of the jacket.







The white details on the sleeve cuffs would later be added via fabric paint, as I decided I did not want to heat and bond 80 tear drops.


I made the mistake of using a synthetic fabric for the dress, so I resorted to the next best thing: breaking open Sharpies and harvesting their life juice for my rituals. Side effects include Smurfing of the hands and fingernails. This is not recommended.



I used No-Fray on the bottom edges of the dress after carefully cutting into it. Heat’n’Bond was used to secure the chiffon base for the lace I would later hand-paint 24 times over with white puffy paint, and white dots of varying sizes were added to create the illusion of falling snow against a bright blue sky.




Wanting to keep close to the original design, I tried to replicate the shattered bow-tail effect by bonding sheer organza between two layers of the white satin. I cut holes to show through the bow higher up, and use those scraps to scatter pieces further down. The pouch closes with a magnetic snap, and I sewed miles of tulle to get the massive puff you see in this bottom image.

The bodice part of the dress is a simple princess seam top, with adjustable straps to help keep everything in place. I used black eyelets on the black accent that sits in the scoop of the top.



For my boots, I wrapped some wedge heels in newspaper while wearing them to get the right pattern, and from there transferred it to my fabric and lining. I used the same Sharpie-dye method to create the ombre look, and later finished off the details with paint and glue.


I often receive questions about how to style Weiss’ wig, so I drew up a little instructional. Good luck!


Weiss Schnee



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