Adam Taurus: RWBY

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Men’s fashion is awesome, and planning out Adam’s tailcoat was certainly a lot of fun. While this costume wasn’t for me, I still enjoyed making it. On a bit of a tight time frame, I still managed to put a lot of effort into this one.

lineupLightning fast and lethal. Of course everyone loves him; even his design is sharp!


Close ups of the jacket and mask designs.


Adam in the Black trailer.



Adam dons an asymmetrical blazer-tailcoat with a deep lapel. Asides from the jacket construction, I knew the designs were going to be an interesting feat.


I based my initial pattern off of the client’s pre-existing wardrobe, marking intersecting seams and darts for later use; newspaper was good to me when I lived in the city. You can see I plan to have the extra bit of coat on the left tucked in between the lining and the outer fabric.


Loose fitting and still requiring some darts. I learned in hindsight that the back panel should have been done in 2 separate pieces sharing a seam down the middle, but I ended up having it fit well enough nonetheless. The sleeves were sewn to both the outer and inner fabrics. Keep in mind, you must sew your lining backwards, or inside out. It can be pretty confusing, so be careful.


I used the close up references to extract and clean up the designs on the jacket. I inverted the colors so that I’d be able to see the white. My plan here was to create stencils, and use fabric paint to transfer them to the jacket once everything had been tailored.


Almost done the back sigil.


I was lucky enough to have friends aid me in this process, namely with chalking my stencils so we could get the paper out of the way (the paint made it soggy) and cleaning up/filling in spots for me. This is the design over the left breast.


A bit of chalk dust leftover.


I don’t have slim enough hips for this jacket to fit right, but the client wished to see how it fit so far. I had yet to finish closing seams and rolling the cuffs.


The undershirt was made out of a stretch lycra leftover from another project, and thankfully matches the red lining pretty well! The lining itself was also leftover–it’s important to calculate and pattern effectively in order to maximize your uses. A bit of ironing here and there and this was ready for its owner!


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