Cinder Fall: RWBY

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Sugar? Spice. And everything not-nice.

Shrouded in mystery, motives unknown, this maiden leaves her opponents in awe with her temptress skills and fiery arsenal. Being one of the few characters from the show to not wield a ridiculous weapon, this has been a favored costume for travel.


I already knew, even before I finished Pyrrha, that I wanted to tackle this malevolent beauty. During Anime Los Angeles, I took an extra day in California to explore the fabric distritct and pick up any essential supplies. Thankfully, I already had all the duck feathers I could need at my disposal back home.


And, conveniently, a wig from Arda (yet to be cut and styled!)


I scoured for hours, days on end looking for any sort of gem or crystal to use, but I turned up empty handed. So, using sintra (PVC foam) and a box cutter/cutting knife, I cut my triangles, angle them with a dremmel, and super glued them together. My first method (a plaster mold) broke when removing the gem, so a second try with silicone and resin with pigmented dye seemed to be the way to go.


My previous 2 RWBY costumes have incorporated a satin-like fabric, both in the dress for Weiss and the sash for Pyrrha. Why I keep using such difficult fabric I’ve yet to discover, but it’s what I decided on, so there was no going back at this point.


Made an investment in a vinyl-cutter plotter, which is essentially a printer that cuts using a micro-blade, rather than spreading ink on paper. With this, I picked up some metallic gold heat-transfer vinyl off of eBay and did both a cutter-test and fabric test.


Turned out okay, so I drew up the patterns in photoshop according to my personal measurements and put it to the test! While the plotter did most of the work, I still had to take my cutting knife to the backside of the design to clean up some edges here and there.


.. But it looks like everything went okay! Did a lot of draping, pin-fitting and generally just paranoia-induced circling around the fabric at my desk. Surely it couldn’t be this easy!!


It wasn’t. I had a lot of issues fitting the sleeves in, as the shirt rests lower than most conventional patterns would. Eventually, I did get the straps and collar linings to fit properly, and took some pre-ironed snaps.


Then it was straight to work (finally) on the accessories, namely the brooch and anklet. I’d had the gem casted for weeks at this point,and had only been waiting for a trip to Joann’s for the pin and lobster clasp for the anklet. The brooch took longer as I needed the glue to dry between layers of feathers, but neither were very difficult to construct.


Now all that’s left is final tacking on the dress, some choppy-chop-chop with the wig, and a hop and a skip to a photo shoot! Thanks for reading everyone.


Sheena xoxo



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