Miqo’te Schemata: Lightning Returns

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s Miqo’te Schemata based off of the iconic race from Final Fantasy XIV. Kitty ears and magic? Hell yeah. Lominsan Cutlass commissioned from Sweatshop 202. After her side quest in the game, and Hope poking fun at her, I couldn’t help but want to make this outfit.


SOLDIER and Miqo’te, the two Schemas I used the most during my play through and further proving I have an unhealthy obsession with both giant weapons and cats.


I had an extra spandex-lycra tank top that I decided to reuse for this costume, while the box-pleat skirt was made from scratch. A hole was left behind beneath the zipper for tail allowance later on. Both patterns were made from scratch.


I wasn’t entirely sure of the look I wanted for the black leather pieces, so I took some spare fabric I came across and secured it over some foam to give it some stiffness. I probably could have just sewn it, but c’est la vie. The top piece I sewed faces together, then inverted it via the hole I left to insert the connecting strap in the back, along with the straps for the closure in the front. Simple straight-stitching!

2014-03-31 18.07.51

The sleeves were white cotton that were gathered at the cuffs, after carefully sewing on the barmaid-esque red lacing.

2014-03-31 17.51.03-1Test fitting!


2014-03-31 18.09.23

Literally just tubes of shiny black stretch I sewed together. The white wraps added on top were really skewed triangles that criss-cross over one another.


I had been reading up on life-like tails online, though I’m pretty sure for this particular costume, the 2″ piping foam I chose was too wide. I segmented the length of it and later added more notches, cut straws which would be the channel for the elastic, and used packing tape to secure everything into place.

2014-04-08 06.31.19

It holds its shape well enough to keep the fur from dragging on the floor, so I’m happy!


2014-04-09 07.24.21

The accessories were modeled and printed before being heat-shaped, painted and glued on; made it way easier to get those buckles right! Next up was the brown leather pieces. Again, I used a stretch pleather, patterned my shapes, cut them out, sewed face to face, inverted, and added my detail straight-stitching.

2014-04-09 12.01.01

Lastly were the ears, which took about 20 minutes. Straight stitched face to face, inverted, and held up with wire and on a headband!


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