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In this review, I’ll be covering several things about the Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan) cosplay I received from Such things will be the quality, functionality, and the resemblance to the source material.

I forgot to take photos of the package upon arrival, but each article of clothing and piece of the costume was separated into their own sealed plastic bags, folded neatly and kept smelling fresh with scented wooden beads to eliminate any sort of factory smell usually associated with ordered fabrics.


Sizing can be tricky when ordering online, with some parts running smaller, larger, or sometimes both in an order. I was pleased to find that both the pants and the shirt fit myself when ordering a small. My measurements were also given, and while the pants and skirt piece fit a little snug, they still fit.


The blouse is tailored to compliment the female frame, with darts to create an hourglass shape. Everything is serged and all seams are closed. I also did not come across any loose threads as I have in the past with previous costumes. Some ironing is necessary to smooth out the slight wrinkles from shipping, but nothing too laborious.
I have a small waist and wide hips in comparison to each other, but the custom-tailored pants fit like a glove and still allowed a comfortable range of movement. The pockets in the front are deep enough to hold slim objects like my phone and ID if necessary.

The straps are double-sided faux leather sewn together, with multiple button snaps for varying lengths depending on what you need, and 6 functional buckles: one over the chest, one at the waist, and two around each upper thigh. The leg pieces allow more movement by swapping faux leather for brown elastic below the knee, which would be hidden by the knee-high uniform boots. I suggest following a tutorial to put the entirety of these 3DMG straps on, as the sheer quantity can be overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with the process.


The brown skirt has belt loops to run your waist-strap through, along with 2 button closures in the front to further keep things from moving around. Comfortable material, serged and cleanly treated.

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Apart from the sizing tag on the inside waistline of the pants, the Survey Corps. jacket dons a small brand label on the inner collar. Fully lined, the jacket slips on easily and fits comfortably. The division patches are all embroidered with appropriate threading before being stitched into place; one over the left breast pocket, one on each upper shoulder, and a larger patch mid back. Each shoulder dons a decorative button as well.


The scarf is a simple but iconic accessory for Mikasa, and this one is made stiffly to help support the fullness of her image without having to make yourself warmer than necessary. Tassles are cut neat and evenly into the ends of the scarf which is long enough to wrap around once.


Altogether the ensemble is near identical to the uniform from the anime, and I can vouch that what you see is what you get. Check out my video for the process of removing the straps.


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