How To: Hair Chalk

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Box dye, temporary spray, bleach. There are lots of ways to work around colored hair, and everyone has their own preference. What not many people are aware of, however, is hair chalk! It’s exactly what it sounds like–chalk you put in your hair.

It’s incredibly easy to do, and doesn’t take terribly long to apply depending on the results you want, and can also be applied to synthetic hair, extensions and wigs! There are a couple things you’ll need to keep handy:

  • a small spray bottle
  • a towel
  • a brush or comb
  • sink/mirror
  • hair chalk (eBay/Amazon/local beauty or art supply store)

Like all things, make sure your spray bottle is clean; leaving unused water inside for too long can result in a film growing on the surface, and we don’t want to spray that into our hair. Alternatively, you can start this process on freshly showered hair, so long as it doesn’t dry out too much before you’re finished! Gently mist your hair, and don’t be afraid of it getting more places than you’d like. You’re in the clear to style and restyle after this process.

Take your preferred color of chalk and hold it lengthwise. We’re going to be working in chunky strands, much like how hair dressers do. Segment your hair appropriately and gently run the stick of chalk lengthwise against your hair. Do not brush it up and down, as this can tangle your hair as well as damage it. Twist your hair to work the underside as well, and make sure to keep your hair wet. You can usually tell when it’s begun to dry out when your chalk application becomes patchy.

You can use your fingers to ombre the color into your hair, or into another color of chalk. This is great for blending as you have a lot of control. The chalk comes off very easily with some soap and water, so don’t worry about getting messy. Get the look you want, and clean up in between colors.

Once you’ve finished applying everything, use a blow drier to help set the chalk, and brush intermittently to remove any excess. At this point you’re free to style as normal, whether or not you apply your hair products before or after is up to your discretion. A common preference is to “seal” the chalk with hair spray, but I’ve found setting it with a flat iron or curler does the trick for me.


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2013-06-30 20.35.01

Performance: Easy to apply, look achieved without too much trouble.

Comfort: A little tedious, leaves hair feeling chalky. Can’t run fingers through.

Durability: Comes off on pillow a little bit on first sleep, stands up to dry shampoo. Several wet shampoos to remove.

Result: Bright colors, lots of compliments.

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