Lucina: Fire Emblem

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While new to the whole Fire Emblem fandom, I instantly fell in love with “Marth.” Once again, the agile swordsman character stole my heart. Not to mention capes. I love capes.






While I generally make it a pretty good habit to photography my progress along the way, this costume was initially created in 6 days for an event, and unfortunately I ended up pushing myself to finish it ASAP. You can see a bit of my pattern behind me and the progress I made with the under-shirt before heading out to model for the evening. No time to spare!!


Having finished the pants and shirt, I quickly moved on to the tunic, cape and gloves. I used a grommet puncher to securely fasten the ties on the gloves which I made from folded over strips of the same tunic fabric. The white and red fabrics here were leftovers from Weiss and Adam.


Can’t forget about the armor! I lived in a Vancouver apartment with little to no balcony space and minimal tools, so I used the gas stove flame and some craft foam.. I would later replace these with sintra, but they were malleable and did the job for now! Mask had been temped out by a friend.


You can also see Adam Taurus’ White Fang mask here. As with the butterfly mask, I received help from a friend for the base and finished them off with paint and detailing. A lot of this was hand-painting with acrylics after sealing with mod podge to keep the foam from absorbing all the paint. I’ve also added the gold trimming at this point, and wire in the collar to help it stand up.


Test fitting everything except the shoes! Wasn’t bad for only 6 days, but there were repairs and replacements to be done before the next time I wore it.

Stephen ChungStephen Chung


Always room for improvement.

2014-08-03 00.15.31

I used Maya to model the belt discs and a MakerBot 3D Printer to spit them out. I didn’t want to have angle grind sintra to get the right look, and this way I knew they would be even and the exact measurements I wanted.

2014-08-05 03.52.32

The old mask I had was very ratty and beat up from being packed away and squished, so I traced it up, fixed some proportions and cut out the layers from 1mm and 3mm of sintra. An outline of Loctite SuperGlue was all I needed before heating it up.

2014-08-05 03.58.34

Aaand done. A very simple bend over the center and we’re on to sanding and priming.

2014-08-06 07.32.27


2014-08-07 06.42.32

Paint bam.

2014-08-17 04.34.16

Epaulets. Here’s the fabric layered up on the left, and exploded flat view on the right. I cut only the bottom piece rounded so that I can trim the rest to match after everything is stitched down. Really, this piece is barely going to be seen, but I felt like building it, anyways.

2014-08-17 06.13.39

Some finishing studs and straps to hold it in place with a velcro fixture and we’re good to go!

2014-08-17 06.15.44

Checking the fit. I heated patterned sintra over a glass bottle and with my hands shaped the top piece upwards. Dremmel and sanding for the edges.

2014-08-17 06.16.24

I added some rectangular loops for the look. More sanding on the armor pieces to smooth out the bevel.

2014-08-17 23.56.37

Primed and ready for painting.

2014-08-18 00.50.56

I mixed a small amount of water with this paint to help it smooth out better and result in less brush strokes.

2014-08-19 23.40.26

A gold leafing pen lent itself for the finer details here. No cleanup on bleeds was required.

2014-08-24 02.38.49-1

It took me about a week to figure out what the name was for the fixtures to keep the armor attached to the epaulets. We used them in grade school for securing clock hands to paper clocks. They’re called paper brads and are so useful. I also did this to secure my Guardian Corps. Pauldron for Lightning to my jacket.

2014-08-15 19.07.40

Bought some cheap thrift store shoes that had a similar shape since Lucina’s old ones were craft foam glued over flats in about 15 minutes. Tissue paper and craft tape over the shoes while I’m wearing them to make sure I can still move around comfortably without any cumbersome or painful restriction.

2014-08-15 19.39.56

Hella pins. Pinning circles can be very difficult, so make sure you hold your fabric tightly while doing so, and keep plenty of spare pins nearby and handy.

2014-08-16 20.00.44

So many pins. Please don’t stab yourself.

2014-08-19 02.43.24

Pictured top are the heel pieces, middle are the tongues, and bottom are the shoe fronts. Time for more super glue.

2014-08-19 03.29.12

A bit dark, but before and after.

2014-08-19 03.29.54

Excess fabric bleed requires some clean up.

2014-08-19 03.30.32

These are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve made.

2014-08-18 23.55.00

Not many pictures of these, but I sewed in the layers of her boots, as well as remade the faux-knee guards. A bottom > top zipper allows me to get them over my heels, and the height of the shoes hides the zipper altogether. The stiffness of the material helps keep them from sliding down, too, which was a problem I faced with my previous version as the fabric was a much lighter material. I feel trading it out for a leather-looking fabric is more realistic for Lucina’s look.

Pray to the Gods_800ETL-Graphic
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