How To: Two-Tone Wigs

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Split-color hair? Wanting to mix up your look? Psychopathic-acrobatic-dwarf fighter? Whatever the reason, here’s a trick for getting the two-tone wig/hair color.


One of the characters I cosplayed from RWBY had two-tone hair (Brown on her left, Pink on her Right.) While I did try ordering a split-color wig online, when it arrived the colors were opposite what was advertised. Thankfully, I’d already had what I needed to remedy my problem. For this particular case, I have a long, curly pink wig as my base, and two sets of brown curly extensions (5 clips each) to make up for the second color.

2014-10-03 21.57.31

For whatever reason, I had this wig in my collection. I made a 1:1 spray mix of wig detangler and water to make my job easier. If your wig is looking a bit oily after this process, dusting a small bit of baby powder will help.

2014-10-03 21.57.57

Having a good, sturdy base for your wig will make your job so much easier. I made a stand for my wig heads using a plank of wood shelving and a 2″ rod cut into 4 equal pieces before screwing them into the plank. Use T-pins to secure your wig to the head, brush out the tangles from bottom to top, and we’re ready to start!

2014-10-03 22.01.41

At the time of this test, I only had brown/pink extensions, but I highly recommend getting 2 or more extensions in the single color you want to add. I’d worn this one out a couple times, so it needed some detangling before I carried on with anything else.

2014-10-03 22.02.11

Coming back to our base wig, I decided on the part I wanted, and using a wide-tooth comb pushed all the wig fibers I wanted on top to the opposite side of the head. Having alligator hair clips helps a lot when styling, so make sure you pin back the hair while you work.

2014-10-03 22.11.07

I first stabilized the extension using the clip second from the left/front of face, and carefully pulled the fibers at the front back while I secured the front clips, working front to back. In doing this, it helps maintain the illusion that the wig/hair is actually two tones, and that we aren’t hiding anything underneath. As you can see here, the purpose of pulling more of the fibers to the wrong side of the head was to allow them to cover the extension’s seam at the top of the wig.

2014-10-03 22.11.12

2014-10-03 22.10.58

While the seam is still a little bit visible, we’re lucky that the extensions are dark, so that hopes to hide the color a little bit. For this wig, it was styled in a ponytail. Carefully pull your fibers back with the wide tooth comb and secure it tightly with elastic cord, double knotting and trimming it down when you’re done. (I only had a hair tie at the time of this demonstration, but you get the idea!)

2014-10-03 22.10.43


2014-10-03 22.10.51

2014-10-03 22.11.25


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