Store ReOpened!

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It’s almost Winter time! :D What a better time than the cold days to sort through the costumes I’ve done this year and make more prints? I’ll be adding new costumes as they come and packaging orders while I work on MORE COSTUMES! I do try to ship all orders at once every other week, but the first batch may take some time.. For stickers to arrive!! I’ve been wanting to find a way to get these little drawings out to you for a while now, and some conversations made me think, “Why not freebies!?” So now, each order that has a unique character print will receive 1 sticker of said character!


The stickers are currently not for sale, and will only be available as a free add-on to the purchase of a corresponding print. Any stickers you see in the shop’s banner will be available alongside the prints of the featured character, just be patient!


I’ve also made my artwork available, too! Most of it is on sale, so be sure to take a look, especially if you’re into the same stuff as me. ♥


You can view my entire store here.

xoxo Sheena
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