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May is fast approaching and so are my plans! Normally I spend my birthday at a local event here in North America, but for several years now I’ve wanted to travel abroad, so I’ll be celebrating my 25th with you all in London! Please feel free to come say hi, chat and take photos!


As I am obviously not from the UK, I’m going to be doing a little bit of exploring before and after the event, so please tell me! What sorts of foods should I eat? What sights should I see?

While I know some of you want to give me gifts or food, I must ask you not to bake me anything! I’m sorry to say I will have to refuse any hand-made food, though I cannot refuse gifts. If need be I’m prepared to ship a small box back, but I’m not going to anticipate that. There’s no way I can decline your generosity or good will, but do keep in mind I only have so much space!

I can’t wait to meet you all in a couple weeks. I’ll be putting together some new stuff for you, I hope you like it!

Sheena xoxo

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  • GKTRR_AkAkumu43

    too bad i’m not in London…

  • Suzanne Suzie Cole

    If you want to see or buy any anime goods go to London Piccadilly. A place called “Tokyotoys” has tons of anime stuff .Round the corner from that is “Japan center”.Their food is nice and they sell Japanese items.There is also China Town which has one of those cute photo boots in one of the shops .I highly suggest trying the pork buns from China town as they are amazing(Sorry if you can’t eat meat) .If not try forbidden planet. A place which has all the comics ,manga and tons of books and gaming guides .Do try get to see the common things like the London eye ect because you can get some amazing photos ,specially on the bridges . I suggest trying really anything food , if you are worried stick to the tradtional fish and chips or curries . You can never go wrong with those. The good thing about London is that no restaurant is the same. Just a warning get train tickets instead of a oyster card , for traveling on the underground or on buses, as oyster cards do take up a lot of money .

  • Thank you! I didn’t know curry was commonplace there, and I’ll be sure to avoid the oyster card.

  • Charlotte Dunlop

    Can’t wait to see you :D Your an inspiration and I agree you should definitely check out Tokyotoy’s and also Forbidden planet, I’ve not been there before but I’ve heard good things ^^ I’m from Derby in the Middle of the UK XD Hope you enjoy yourself ^^

  • Metis Lee Pang

    Oh, by the way, Tokyotoys is kinda overpriced (around £15 for a £7 Gundam kit) kit so you would probably be better off buying stuff back in America. Inside the same building though there is a big arcade with a few cool things so you should check that out as well. I don’t know how much time you plan to be spending outside the convention, but if you have a good 4 hours or so, Hampton Court Palace is worth a visit. I work there and I can tell you that there is a lot of interesting history there.

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  • Khanh Nguyen

    Please come to the Netherlands one day !!!

  • Shinusuke Akki

    Ah~ will you be signing over the weekend or are you just attending as an attendee? Also in there is an amazing restaurant in China town, sadly I’ve forgotten its name, if I remember I will tell you, I can highly reccomend it as a place to eat ^.^