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Five-ten-fourteen. That was our decided day.

The day after our friend’s wedding, and what a celebration it had been. Photos with people from out of town, laughing, eating and congratulating. And the dancing, of course. The surprise of you not knowing how to dance to Gangnam Style was shared with many, myself included. Sitting down at the table to rest my feet a moment, and I wondered where you’d gone off to. I saw the backs of a lot of suits, possibly a count down, and then a loud scuffle followed by an eruption of cheering. Curiosity found me stepping across the hardwood barefoot to find you amidst a crowd of men clapping you on the back, the biggest, silliest grin on your face. It took me all but a second to see why; I only needed look at your hands.

And a smile of my own crept across my face.

It had been a warm day–most likely afternoon, given our working schedule–when we discussed at length over breakfast plans how exactly we were going to go about things. With the move and my contract ending, we both agreed that the finances and time frame were not ideal. That and the near overlap with our friends’ wedding; the last thing we wanted to do was impose on their celebration, of course. We were patient. We could wait. Once that was decided, everything fell into place swiftly, without interruption. Actually, we even decided that, until we could properly celebrate, to have our friends and family be present with us, that it would be best to keep it a surprise. It just wouldn’t do to stuff all the activities into one weekend of a year.

Some people were keen to us, and your excitement spilled over in small exclamations at the wedding, our friends stunned for but a moment before sharing in our happiness. I’ll never forget what one of them said, after we mentioned wanting to have our wedding the following year.


“So next year, May 10th. So that’ll be five-ten-fifteen. I like it.”

Well, here I am. Five. Ten. Fifteen. There is no wedding. There are no friends. Just me sitting at home alone. This isn’t what I had imagined. I don’t think anyone imagined this. But while I’m here, trying my best not to wish for something I know I cannot have, what I do have are the memories from last year. I know it was not our wedding, but it was the best memory of one I’ll ever have with you. I’m so happy our friend took our photo in front of the fountain (and managed to do it while drunk–props) and that you went out of your way to catch the garter all while slyly knowing that yes, you were next in line to be wed.


So, even though those who attended the celebration last year were not there on our behalf, I still want to thank each and every one of you for taking a part in the memory that I have for today. Yes, even the cake story. And thank you, to the bride and the groom, for inviting us one year ago. Thank you for giving me something to remember on this day. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you two celebrate many years together.

Happy Anniversary, Monty.

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