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Five-ten-fourteen. That was our decided day.

The day after our friend’s wedding, and what a celebration it had been. Photos with people from out of town, laughing, eating and congratulating. And the dancing, of course. The surprise of you not knowing how to dance to Gangnam Style was shared with many, myself included. Sitting down at the table to rest my feet a moment, and I wondered where you’d gone off to. I saw the backs of a lot of suits, possibly a count down, and then a loud scuffle followed by an eruption of cheering. Curiosity found me stepping across the hardwood barefoot to find you amidst a crowd of men clapping you on the back, the biggest, silliest grin on your face. It took me all but a second to see why; I only needed look at your hands.

And a smile of my own crept across my face.

It had been a warm day–most likely afternoon, given our working schedule–when we discussed at length over breakfast plans how exactly we were going to go about things. With the move and my contract ending, we both agreed that the finances and time frame were not ideal. That and the near overlap with our friends’ wedding; the last thing we wanted to do was impose on their celebration, of course. We were patient. We could wait. Once that was decided, everything fell into place swiftly, without interruption. Actually, we even decided that, until we could properly celebrate, to have our friends and family be present with us, that it would be best to keep it a surprise. It just wouldn’t do to stuff all the activities into one weekend of a year.

Some people were keen to us, and your excitement spilled over in small exclamations at the wedding, our friends stunned for but a moment before sharing in our happiness. I’ll never forget what one of them said, after we mentioned wanting to have our wedding the following year.


“So next year, May 10th. So that’ll be five-ten-fifteen. I like it.”

Well, here I am. Five. Ten. Fifteen. There is no wedding. There are no friends. Just me sitting at home alone. This isn’t what I had imagined. I don’t think anyone imagined this. But while I’m here, trying my best not to wish for something I know I cannot have, what I do have are the memories from last year. I know it was not our wedding, but it was the best memory of one I’ll ever have with you. I’m so happy our friend took our photo in front of the fountain (and managed to do it while drunk–props) and that you went out of your way to catch the garter all while slyly knowing that yes, you were next in line to be wed.


So, even though those who attended the celebration last year were not there on our behalf, I still want to thank each and every one of you for taking a part in the memory that I have for today. Yes, even the cake story. And thank you, to the bride and the groom, for inviting us one year ago. Thank you for giving me something to remember on this day. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you two celebrate many years together.

Happy Anniversary, Monty.

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  • Elizabeth Rose Gaddis

    You’re a very strong woman, Sheena. To be pulling yourself through this and trying to be a living portrayal of your late husband’s motto, “Keep Moving Forward”. It doesn’t mean moving on and forgetting to me. It means going forward even if it hurts and still remembering those who cannot go anymore. That what I think his motto means. You are so beautiful and graceful. I’m inspired by you daily. I’m happy when you answer my asks on Tumblr. I’m happy when I see your tweets on Twitter. I’m happy when you appear on my feed on Facebook. I’m happy when you talk to me on Twitch. You made me smile when you answered the question about cats and collars. I get excited when my friends talk to me about you. You’re my idol, Sheena. You’re someone I’d love to have as a friend, but I worry I’d probably be someone you’d probably never wanna be friends with, so I just sit here quietly most times and admire you from afar. I hope I can make myself into a strong, beautiful, graceful, talented, and mature woman like you one day. Your love for Monty is amazing. You know if I never would have gotten into RWBY. I’d probably never would have heard of you. Hell, I’d probably wouldn’t be with the one who I love the most. Monty created something that has connected a lot of people, directly and indirectly. I’m confident you and Rooster Teeth will carry his legacy on for a long time. Sorry if this was a bit unorganized or rambly. I’m not good at the whole communication thing…

  • Vicious

    He lives on through his work. And as he had everyone know, he sure loved his work.

  • Lucy Wallace

    Thank you so much for sharing somthing so deep and personal. The days and nights can’t be easy for you at the moment, but that just shows what you guys had was special, and real, and worth remembering and treasuring. I cant imagine going through what you have this year, but you continue to “move forward” in such a way that I believe supports and comforts people who have suffered similar loss and inspires people to try and cherish the beautiful moments they did get. Thanks Sheena, I hope you find a way to celebrate your time with Monty today. Maybe not in the way you imagined a year ago, but perhaps today can still become a cherished memory for you with him.

  • Sheena, I can’t even imagine what you’re going through today, and I don’t know how much help this is at all, but we’re all here for you, and we all love you, so much. There’s so much to look back on; but there’s also even more to look forward to. I hope that you can find some peace today, and never hesitate to just say the word if you need anything at all.

  • kicking222

    You are an amazing person, Sheena. Stay strong- and by that, I don’t mean “be strong” like that phrase usually implies; I mean that you have an incredible amount of strength that you display regularly, and I hope that quality never fades.

  • Nolan Wood

    Sheena, to say that you’re strong in enduring the last few months is truly a great understatement the likes of which a millennium could pass and no other man, woman or child could ever hope to understand let alone fathom. When i read of Monty’s passing I was contemplating what the following week would be like. The most important day of my life was only 6 days away and i was literally just brimming with happiness. But when I read a post in my email from the Rooster Teeth forum, my thoughts of happiness and celebration were struck hard by news of the man we of the RWBY community sang praises of having passed away. I did my best to hold it together pressing hard on the seems of my ever crumbling heart until I got home from work. The pain grew as i saw the kids i had introduced your late betrothed’s work to soldiering on with martial arts techniques for a belt test later that week. I hadn’t the heart to tell them as it would distract them from something they’d all worked so hard for. When i got home i waited until i was the only one awake and put one the only song i knew could release my heart and let the pain out all at once and i started to cry. I cried because i knew how painful it must have been for not just you, but for everyone whose lives were graced by Monty’s creative genius and inspiring heart. Every now and then i find myself looking at the beautifully crafted memorials every member of the community Monty started at the sacrifice of countless hours of sleepless nights and i quietly post, “Monty os smiling at this.” because i know, even though I never had the honor of meeting him in person, he would have smiled and would be proud to see his loved ones carrying on in his absence. Back to my original point, Sheena you may be alone, but there again you’re never alone, we of the RWBY community, nay the Rooster Teeth family are here for you, old, young and future generations as well. -RWBY community hugs- because I believe that you need one.

  • Newage titan

    im sorry sheena. it breaks my heart to see people like this. we all loved monty. maybe not as much as you but his work inspired and touched a lot of people. i, myself, have wanted to write a story of my own for a while but have never had the motivation or thought process. but after what happened to him as well as a few other things i realized that with the short time we may have if we have something to offer people we have to share it while we still can. i now have the motivation and now i get more ideas everyday when something new comes along. i’m not saying what happened was a good thing. it will never be. but the end had as much meaning to everyone as the rest of his life did. and that’s what’s important. there was meaning in what he did. i’m deeply sorry this happened and i’m sure 100% sure if you ever asked for help from this community they will help. because monty is part of the reason this community exists. and now we need to still exist now more than ever. for him. for you.

  • molly reed

    Happy Anniversary Sheena And Monty! This James O’Barr quote I feel is a testament to you…

    “If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.”

  • GKTRR_AkAkumu43

    yesterday was Michael & Lindsay’s anniversary…. and today… is something special.. besides Mother’s day of course…
    i dunno what words am i gonna say… so i’ll say this… even though my grammar’s a bit mess up… Sheena.. you’re really a sturdy woman who had married a great inspiring man. after i cried at that day.. i always remembering his motto “Keep Moving Forward” till now i’m still remembering it.. its already stuck in my head so meh. anyways.. he’s always there for u.. in here *points in the chest* if weren’t for him… i wouldn’t be know RWBY…. RoosterTeeth… and you right now… i dunno how much i thank him for showing me.. these…. just wanna say is.. stay strong my friend.. do what u do.. and keep moving forward…

    happy anniversary you two! :)